• Lillian Smith

Adding some romance to your french country decor

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

One way to add romance is with flowers as you would see in South of France.

The furniture is new and long over due, I decided to get white for my french country style room. In my room I have added sconces with custom floral arrangements.

I love to make my own arrangements in my home. You can add different heights of flowers and size variations. I added sconces to flank the bed and added this Gothic style window to the center with a touch of greenery with the boxwood wreath. I use a bold accent wall color to add contrast to this room, it has large walls and ceilings and this allows warmth in the room.

I feel like it is all in the details when decorating

Layers makes the bed very comfortable, add blankets and Pillows ( tons of them) you can never have too many pillows! You can add an antique tray with flowers and antique candle holders with battery operated candles. My bedroom furniture is symmetrical. This is a very pleasing to the eye. I used light fabrics and brought a little lite pale blue or dusty blue European pillow shams to add some color.

Adding sentimental items to your dresser can help streamline your decor. Choose pieces that mean something special to you in here on your dresser or night stand. This is your space and you see these things everyday so adding things you love makes it more personable. I have added favorite sayings in my metal art work from a Texas Iron store out of Waco. I also added these gorgeous stamped books made my friend Jaime @frenchcountryculdesac on Instagram. I also added my wedding photo and a few other personal items to my decor.

I added a chair by the window and a french inspired table with a basket of flowers. The flowers looked like I just picked them on a street of France.

Adding details to your room will make the space your own and what ever the feel you are going for add texture, warmth and items loved and cherished.


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