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Decorating Tiered trays is a favorite and fun way to show creativity and holiday decor....

Small items are perfect for these little trays. The trays come in many variations and shapes. You can showcase them in your kitchen, dining room table or kitchen table. So many options that can be displayed on these little jewels.

I love them because I can have a theme with color or holiday or even objects.

Grouping these aren't limited to just one thing either, you can have pitchers, faux flowers or plants, garland either lights or beads or felt ... possibilities are endless.

Above is my version pf a Memorial Day , 4th or July or even Labor day decor. Etsy has many wonderful varieties of felt garlands and little cute signs for your personal touches.

Above I am sharing many ways you can add the decor, you can add faux or real fruit in a bowl, flowers upright of laying down to see the flowers. Small plants are perfect for these trays so when out shopping for trays think small for the trays. If you know a holiday is coming head out early and think of the size you need and measure the widths between shelves so you have an idea. I like to keep a log of my items I want to decorate and what I am shopping for and sometimes I just wing it!

This tray came originally this color and I used this on the dining room table and added cloth napkins for a different way to set the table. So many possibilities for this type of tray because of it's size.

Trays can also be used in bathrooms for your guest if you have the space. I used it in my master bath with soaps and candles .

Well I hope I have inspired you to use a Tiered tray if you haven't already done so. Also, you can make one if you don't want to buy one and it is simple. I used 2 chargers and a wooden dowel / finial to make this simple one below. Use E6000 to adhere the dowel or finial and you could even use a slender vase and spray paint it white for the piece in the middle.

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