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Do you have a piece of furniture you don't want to part with but not loving the finish??? Read on..

These two tables were a brown stain color and I wanted to make them a French Country style for my home. These pieces I have had many years and they are all wood so not an easy decision to toss out. I knew I could revamp them with paint and I wanted the color to go seamlessly and timeless.

I sanded the pieces , added white paint then a glaze. See items I used below:

You Need:

Behr Paint White flat or any white paint but flat

Rust-oleum Glaze Smoked Glaze


Paint brush 21/2 "

These tables were heavily stained with water damage so we did sand down pretty heavily on those

surfaces but you really just need to sand to allow the paint to adhere. Unless you want to strip it completely a light sanding is all you need to do and the medium sand paper .

Next step is the white paint, I painted the entire surface of both tables. I didn't do these at the same time. I did do the small one first then I took on the larger one . I wanted to see the results of the first one. For DIY explaining I am talking about both tables because I did the same technique to both.

The next step is the fun one, adding the Glaze. I used Rust-oleum Glaze -Smoked Glaze and Love the color. This is similar to a stain but a little stickier . Start applying conservatively since you are basically creating the color you want. You can lighten it but if you have a lot on the brush you might not like the color at that spot where applying. I started light and I used a right to left brush stroke motion and I went all the way across the tables without lifting the brush and I went with the grain.

The first small table was my trial and error table. I first white washed the paint on and didn't like it so then I added the white with a brush. You can start that way if you like, it all depends on the look you are going for. The white wash has a more antiquing feel which I love but I wanted to make sure the brown didn't show through so I opted to paint the white on with a brush.

Tip: My suggestion is get a piece of wood and sample it with the methods I am showing you. Home Depot has wood you can buy to try out techniques.

The paint I let dry over night and the glaze once applied I let it dry over night too.

Just remember to not have a ton of glaze on your brush. Some areas might be darker than you would like. Practice first would be my suggestion but you really can't make a mistake it is all trial and error with stains and glazes. It was a fun project and only cost $25 . Glaze can be purchased on Amazon.


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