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Don't let go of old dressers...repurpose them. Let's talk about one way to change the look of it.

One thing in design that I am passionate about is repurpose what you already have. I want to make my home and anyone else's home their own. Good design doesn't have to be starting all over when decorating. Always pull your favorite pieces and then take a look around the home and see what you can use in a different space. I have a dresser that didn't really fit in the room so I use it in a new space and a new way. Dressers make great tv stands ! On this piece I chalkpainted it and waxed it to give a more boho chic style and to set the tone of the hyggee design I wanted in the upstairs gameroom.

Ikea White Dresser Pre:painted

Supplies needed:

Rustoleum Chalk Paint- Country Gray

Annie Sloan Soft Wax- Clear

Paint brush ( Used: Annie Sloan paint blotting Brush)

rag for wax -one that doesn't leave cloth residue

Note: Annie Sloan Paints and supplies can only be purchased through her stocklist just go to her website for the one closest to you.


First thing is to remove hardware & wipe down furniture

One Huge bonus for using Chalk paint it is forgiving and you don't need to sand the piece. *This is a piece of furniture that you don't want to sand- it has a top coat that is not wood. I did have to scrap the areas that had water damage.

I blotted the paint and didn't do a brush stroke which I love that about chalkkpaint that you can do this method of painting.

After I finished the paint I opened the windows and applied the wax. Must be used in a ventilated room or outdoors. The wax is applied left and right motion .

This project cost was: Paint $20 Rustoleum

Wax $15 + cost of brushes

Very inexpensive project for a whole new look and repurposed piece of furniture.

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