• Lillian Smith

Have you ever wanted to know what to do with all those picture frames you aren't using...?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Well I was cleaning out my decor closet, ( yes I have a decor closet it is my "Harry Potter Closet-how else can I decorate so frequently?) I decided I was going to donate that day and then on Pinterest I saw a cute Terrarium and that was all I needed! I grabbed the frames and and started spray painting ( I also have tons of paints, spray and craft always on hand) . I tore off some backs but keep all backs and glasses you will reuse them once built.

So next once frames dried start building. Base is the larger frame and remember you can't do any mistakes on this project and you can use any frame e.g. wood, mirrored, plastic...

Materials: Frames 5x7 work best unless you want a larger terrarium.

Note: Need a 8X10 for base

Spray paint of color choice

Glue Gun/ glue sticks

Glass cleaner

Once all together I hot glued the glass back to their frames.

Start building, use large frame for base and build around it.

I went back and painted the inside where needed .

I just love it , I can add different heights of plants...

Grab all sinilar sizes you have on hand...or purchase cheap ones from dollar store or Walmart.


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