• Lillian Smith

I got the inspiration from a basket I bought...I wanted to add a little bit of french country feel

Items you will need for this project:

* any size and shape basket ( I used a hanging flat and a large round floor basket)

* Glue gun and glue sticks

* Ribbon burlap (find in any craft store)

* Fabric of choice I use what I have around the house or you can get a yard of your favorite and have left over fabric

* Fabric scissors

*Cutting Mat ( you can get at any hobby store or hobby section) or sewing mat for patterns

Cut the ribbon or burlap to size

1) Use mat or board to cut to size and keep straight line

2) Position on basket (I used two pieces to cover larger area)

3) Hot glue at 4 corners

4) Cut fabric a bit smaller than burlap

5) Hot glue fabric to burlap

Finished basket and now it is detailed to my home , it is the attention to detail that I Love!


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