• Lillian Smith

Let’s decorate for spring while we wait for the arrival there are so many ways we can add items...

Adding greenery garland and twinkle lights can add those special touches of coziness. Who doesn‘t love pink ? I have added a custom arrangement that I made with flowers from Pier 1 ad my local Hobby Lobby and the vase is from a purchase from Houston Nutcracker Market many years ago . I have added various heights to the mantle to add cohesion.

Any flowers are welcome , tropical are popular as well as magnolias . You can add faux or real

flowers in your home for spring . I am from the south and we love our magnolias. I grew up with a magnolia tree in my front yard and since I have been married my husband always planted one for me in every home we have had and that has been three new homes in Houston. This spring I will bring my magnolia tree branches inside and I can’t wait to incorporate them . This photo has faux flowers which work perfectly .

You can add flowers to any part of the home . I love to add them to dressers and desks . Greenery is great to sprinkle around the home .

Adding a boxwood wreath and eucalyptus arrangement will bring softness to any hard surfaces. Decorating on the tabletop alongside tablesettings as the centerpiece is another great opportunity for bringing the spring touches inside. This table I used a tiered tray to decorate with height up in mind which is pleasing to the eye . Another option that is popular is clustering . In design a grouping is aesthetically pleasing if in odd numbers so just keep that in mind when clustering .

Below are options to add height in your decorating. Mantle that is narrow you can add different size heights with various candles and risers . On this mantle I used the unexpected , I used shelves that are narrow enough to fit and have a height for the height variations as a platform for decorating .

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