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Love the looks of Italy and Tuscany ? I have made new pieces look worldy...

Updated: Apr 19

My book from Italy is 19 years old and all the beauty is what I love to create at home. I have never been to Italy but that doesn't mean I can't achieve the look and style at home....read on to see how I achieved the look

Materials: 1 can of Rustoleum spray paint Color: Rustic Umber

Low grade sand paper

Old rag

White Chalk Paint -or any favorite kind of paint (Preferably Flat) Paint brush

I had two items, a small wooden pitcher and a glossy white modern vase. Neither were being used since I didn't like the finishes but now I am in love with them.

First thing is spray paint it and start slow. If paint starts to run then stop spraying and let that spot dry, repeat. I used a couple of coats . Now you can decide if you want to leave it as is or do more to the piece. The piece above is only spray paint.

This piece above I did a little more to this to age it and give it an old world feel and look.

Once painted and dried , add white paint (chalk or any flat ) with a paint brush and sparingly. Don't cover the entire thing just love some open to see the paint behind. This piece is textured or beveled so easy to not paint the entire piece but other pieces might be flat surface so that is where the sand paper comes in.

Next, wipe down the paint to allow some of the spray paint come through then use sand paper.

I did use a low grade sand paper and just gently sanded it down to make sure the spray paint color was showing through transparently.

That is it and then you have two gorgeous old world pieces to add your favorite greenery . These pieces can be displayed on any table top, coffee table , trays and the possibilities are endless! Enjoy my friends and happy DIY'ing.

The book behind the inspiration: Restoring A Home in Italy by Minchilli


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