• Lillian Smith

Not your ordinary Pumpkins...fall sneak peek

I have added pumpkins in my fall decor to match my color schemes in the past. I have painted my pumpkins a pretty blue color. This year I purchased a few jewels, literally they have antique jewel door knobs in place of the stems. I have made pumpkin pillows . Check out my post to see what I have done to add fall in my Houston decor since we really don't have the changing of leaves and cool weather like up north so my decor lends to a more Not your ordinary fall decor. Part 1 of my nod to fall decor.

Last fall I decided to paint my pumpkins blue and then later that season I saw a few already blue! Who Knew, I guess I had a good thought to just make the colors I wanted. I also found this lovely glass pumpkin to add to the mix. You can use the fake ones at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or any craft store to change the colors to your decor. I did buy white ones...and made them blue. I used craft paints blue and gray and mixed the gray on the pumpkin once it was blue. I did a gray wash on it . I used a cloth and wiped gray on the blue for the desired color.

I use my blue dishes that were my mom's with white and gold china and they go so perfectly with burlap and eucalyptus garland.


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