• Lillian Smith

The summer beach coastal feeling is all around us...

I have had this shelfie since my oldest moved into her first apartment. We found it together and I have had it a long time, it has been blue, hot pink and now white. On a shopping visit to Hobby Lobby I stumbled on their spring 70% off sale and found these beads they are actually a hanging planter. I have repurposed those beads/ I did purchase two sets of planters of curse so I do have one being used as it was meant to be. I wanted to add beads to the shelf and I was going to buy wooden beads and paint them but when I saw this planter hanger I knew I could reuse those beads and not have to paint tedious beads....so the rest was history.

Work in progress once I took the hanging basket apart.

Hot glued all the beads with the holes facing as if on the strands...

The finished project and I think it turned out pretty cute and the perfect addition to my entryway beach decor. BONUS- my daughters both really liked it !


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