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Want a fun way to spruce up your mirror for Spring?

Updated: Apr 5

Decorating your mirror with garland is a thing to do, I decorated my large oval mirror with eucalyptus garland which I embellished with faux vintage pink roses.

Supplies you will need:

  • 2 garland strands- I used seeded garland from Hobby Lobby 6'L /8" Thickness (Helps to keep garland lush and full)

  • 6 Rose Stems (How ever many you want I used 6 and you can choose your favorite flower)

  • 6 Thistles/sprigs or your favorite sprig*** Note: I don't ever cut my stems on flowers I always bend them to be reusable.

  • Pliers

  • Scissors

  • Floral Green Wire

Step 1. Align your garlands, remove all tags and have your wire ready

Step 2. Find a starting point for your flowers to go. I added mine to the top at the length of the flowers stem I started the next section but turned them right side down. My mirror is oval so you can play with your mirror for your flowers placement.

Step 3. Once you know where you want the flower(s) take the wire and run it around them and across the garland so it stays. Twist tie the wire to close it off. ( I gathered 3 roses at once and adhered them to the top and then the opposite side.)

Step 4. Repeat to other side.

Step 5. I used a hook next to the mirror to attach the garland and then draped it along the side. If you have a mirror that is rectangle you can use a hook took just to have the garland attach to wall. I wouldn't use command strips , use the plain hook you get from the hardware store. (command strips rip the paint off walls.)

This project took about 30 minutes to do , super easy and it makes a complete elegant statement to your mirror for spring or summer.

Thank you for stopping by. Tag me if you make one , I would love to see it!


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