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Want to change up your mantle ? Here are a few new ways I have styled it without leaving my home

One of my favorite things to do that can change a whole room is styling the mantle . My spring refresh is adding florals , risers, candles and switching out color schemes with flowers.

My mantle has permanent items like lamps, greenery and twinkle lights ; all these things add softness and whimsy to a very traditional space.

First thing shop your home.

Gather your favorite pieces, candles sticks all variations, risers if you have, the above are actually shelves. Sometimes you can show your personality by going outside the box when creating spaces. Other risers can be books, real or decorative, boxes of all sorts can be used to create heights and cover some space. If you use boxes you can cover them with fabric in an artistic way. The whole purpose is to cover your mantle with things you love and adding shelves or items to help with height give the space dimension. Find different vases and change out your florals , they all can look different in new spaces.

Adding things like boxes, risers or books can add height variations.

Another option is to use tall vases and add long stem flowers. I also like to add vases to the base of the fireplace. Lanterns add another layer of ambiance with flicker battery operated candles. You can add baskets with throw pillows or blankets next to the fireplace too.

In the above mantle I used magnolia branches from my backyard.

Centerpiece items can be lanterns, flower vases, large candles or a grouping of small candles.

One rule of thumb to remember when styling mantles stop your objects before the end of the mantle. Leave some space between the end of mantle, this allows for the eye to rest on the center. This creates cohesiveness.

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