• Lillian Smith

Want to make a dramatic change to your decor???

A dramatic change to a favorite piece of furniture would be to paint it. I have Chalk painted this little round detailed side table and absolutely love the results.

Products used: 1) Annie Sloan Paint Chalk Paint color: Seasonal RODMELL 33.8 oz

2) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax-White 4.22 oz

3) 2 1/2 " paint brush

4) Bowl with water and Dawn soap and a rag (2 rags needed - one to clean surfaces and

one to adhere the wax

I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint and let me tell you it is one of the easiest paints I have ever used and her paints you don't have to sand the piece you just apply the paint to clean item.

Steps are very easy: This table was dark mahogany and I cleaned the surface well with Dawn soap.

Once dried, I started painting the top with a brush , I used a 2/1/2 " brush .

I applied two coats and allowed drying time in between each coat. Once dried I added the wax and

applied sparingly with a small dime amount on rag.

Waxing you must go conservatively to make sure you are getting the look you want, you can always add a little more but once it is on it is hard to remove.

Brush strokes all went the same direction and the same with the applying of wax.


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