• Lillian Smith

Want to make a Pottery Barn Topiary at a fraction of the cost ?


•2 Topiary balls found at Ross or Homegoods

•2 wooden dowels - size varies on your desired look ( I bought 2 sizes one larger than the other for height and variation) Hobby lobby - prepackages are an option but don’t have the height .

•2 floral foams bought at dollar tree

•2 spray paint Rustoleium Color - Rustic Umber

Purchased at Home Depot

•Moss- Dollar Tree

craft paint - brown

•terra cotta pots Home depot any size you choose

cost : $9 Balls

$1 moss

$4.98 spray paint

$2 foams

$2.50 dowels

$5 pots

• $24.50

*** need a glue gun and a hand saw to cut down the dowels .

1-First thing cut dowels to desired heights . Determine where you want them or if it doesn’t matter than choose a height. 2-paint pots (one coat is all I did )

3-paint dowels

4-glue gun heated for glueing foam and moss

5-place foam and glue down the foam to pot then Add dowel and finally add the ball and adhere with hit glue to the dowel . If moving in the pot hot glue it down. Last, add moss to the top.

***Use handsaw with caution and I used a device to keep my dowel in place while cutting it in half •

This is the second to the last step. I also used hot glue on the sides of the foam and the point at the hole and the dowel to make sure the dowel doesn't move.


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