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Who loves organization? Now that is definitely who this post is for!!!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I have organized my pantry and I Absolutely love it ! Talented Kitchen has provided these labels and I have to tell you it is a very fun project and collection. It makes me want to keep going and work on spices or maybe my boys rooms....

****In addition to adding the labels, I also added wall paper and added these lights to my closet. Found both at Target.

The labels come in Black and White and there are other fonts to choose from as well. I have linked it on my photo above. Talented Kitchen has other label options to choose from so go check it out on Amazon. I have linked the site on Amazon just click the photo below

The labels are an economical option and ready made and they are super easy to use. I would recommend canisters are clear of smudges and make sure of place you want to adhere labels.

***SUPER EASY and a professional, clean fresh look for your pantry. Your family will start asking, "we have self-rising flour???" hee hee

Helpful Tips: 1. Label the bottom with expiration date either with a dry erase marker

or see my example next below.

2. If directions for item to be in canister store that in a small ziploc inside the canister

Helpful tip: remember to label the expiration dates


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